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    Considering "In Search Of Truth" For Youtube


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    Considering "In Search Of Truth" For Youtube Empty Considering "In Search Of Truth" For Youtube

    Post  Paeter on April 6th 2016, 9:05 pm

    I'm considering putting "In Search Of Truth" on the youtube channel beginning after we finish up Hebrews. I think the format I've settled into on it (main exegesis followed by specific Geek application) could be a good fit and stand well on its own. I hesitate for a few reasons:

    1. More than any other segment, this is a segment I pretty much just read, making it hard to engage with the camera/audience. So I'm not sure if it would make for good video.

    2. Youtube is a breeding ground for opinionated people with an itch to prove how smart they are, which means a Bible Study/Teaching Segment will likely have a big target on it for folks that want to nit-pick or argue every little doctrinal point. Although the prospect of dealing with that kind of interaction is a bit intimidating and wears me out just thinking about it, accountability in scriptural teaching is good and I always appreciate the chance to interact with people on truth and scripture, sometimes especially those who are abrasive, if nothing else than to try and give them a positive and disarming experience with a Christian.

    3. Related to #2. Because I really try to make a point of responding to every civil comment (and often the non-civil ones, too) I will want to do the same for this segment. But it could result in a big time sink if the videos attract people who want to dispute or gain clarity on the content or my position on a given subject. (I like to really take my time responding and choose my words carefully.) I'm not sure what would be sacrificed if this happened, but something likely would be. Then again I could be wrong and these videos won't need any more time than usual for me to respond to.

    I could use your prayers and would welcome any feedback/reactions.

    -Seek The Truth!

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