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    Is Thanksgiving Break Just A "Tease"?


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    Is Thanksgiving Break Just A "Tease"? Empty Is Thanksgiving Break Just A "Tease"?

    Post  Paeter on November 28th 2017, 8:02 am

    I'm sure I'm in the minority here, but I'm used to Christmas being my longest break during the year. I know a lot of folks are often only able to take a day or two off for Christmas, or sometimes NO days off. But I went from being raised by two public school teachers (who got two weeks off for Christmas/New Year every year) to making 10 day trips to the in-laws during Christmas on odd years. And now with our own kids on the public school calendar, and me largely in charge of them when they are on break, being away from work (either fully or at least significantly) for two weeks at Christmas has just become a thing.

    A weird side effect is that in recent years Thanksgiving Break has felt a little bittersweet. Love getting that bit of time off, but a 4-day weekend is just short enough that I can't quite settle into that "vacation groove", so when Monday rolls around I'm already pining for the big Christmas break coming in a few weeks.

    Anyone else get that feeling about Thanksgiving (or another Holiday for you overseas folks)?

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    Is Thanksgiving Break Just A "Tease"? Empty Re: Is Thanksgiving Break Just A "Tease"?

    Post  AdamCollings on November 28th 2017, 5:46 pm

    For me, Easter holiday sounds kinda like what you're describing. We usually get a 4 day weekend. Good Friday and Easter Monday are public holidays. A 4-day weekend sounds glorious but it sure goes quickly! Especially when you've got lots of stuff happening at church during that period.

    Not surprisingly, Christmas break is the longest break of the year for most people down here, because it is also our summer break. It's not uncommon to work all year long, and then binge holidays over Christmas and new year. Not much productive work gets done in Australia in January. December feels like the last leg of a marathon, just one more step. Now another. Once work closes up around Christmas-eve-ish, you kinda feel like you've been released from prison (which is not meant to be a reflection on anyone's job) and it takes a few days to recover.

    While I've not experienced the thanksgiving tease, this year, my cruise has been a little like this. It was the longest and most significant trip away I've had in my adult life, and it was a true break away from everything. But then, afterward, because the year is still going, I've stepped back into the madhouse, with all the same stresses, problems and responsibilities that I left behind. That's the problem with any holiday. It's all still waiting for you when you get back. However, I think that maybe I am handling the stress a bit bitter, having had that time away.
    Reed Benson
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    Is Thanksgiving Break Just A "Tease"? Empty Re: Is Thanksgiving Break Just A "Tease"?

    Post  Reed Benson on November 29th 2017, 3:54 am

    I've mentioned it before, but most holidays are teases here in China. Workers and students have to make up each holiday on either the following or previous Saturday and/or Sunday. The only exceptions are Golden Week (at the beginning of October) and Spring Festival (January or February). They still have to make up one or two of the days they get off, but they don't have to make up whole weeks.

    I'm fortunate that my boss is an American and can make our school's schedule to not include make-up days. cheers

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    Is Thanksgiving Break Just A "Tease"? Empty Re: Is Thanksgiving Break Just A "Tease"?

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