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    What Movie Would You Love To Re-Edit?


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    What Movie Would You Love To Re-Edit? Empty What Movie Would You Love To Re-Edit?

    Post  Paeter on December 4th 2017, 10:42 am

    The recent Justice League movie situation got me thinking again about an old idea I've had:

    In this age of user creativity (minecraft/youtube/pinterest/etc.) I've wondered if at some point the ability to edit movies will be given to the consumer. They would have to get around copyright issues, but I can imagine a world in which (like Vidangel) users create edit "instructions" that are then carried out during live playback, getting around the need to actually copy any material. In other words, consumers are given movies in formats that can separate sound effects, dialogue, music and film, so that users can create their own, nearly seamless re-edits of the movies they purchase, and share those re-edits legally with others who also own the movie.

    I'm thinking that we may not be far from this technologically if there ended up being some demand for it. So my question is:

    What movie would you genuinely want to take time to re-edit? Would you do it to make it better, worse, a spoof, or something else completely?

    I would definitely love to take a crack at Justice League, even without gaining any of the deleted footage. I'd cut a few jokes and maybe let a couple moments breathe a little more. I'd also consider Suicide Squad, mostly to try some scoring changes and maybe cut a couple jokes. Nothing else immediately comes to mind, but I know I often wish I could just do a little snipping here and there to movies I largely enjoy but have some small issues with.

    How about you?

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