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    Entertainment "Thesaurus Quiz" Empty Entertainment "Thesaurus Quiz"

    Post  Paeter on December 7th 2017, 1:51 pm

    I'm starting prep for my wife Holly's "Christmas Quest" (an annual trail of clues she must endure to reach her final present) and looked at last year's for ideas. I had her go to my office and make her way through clues based on "alternate titles" for games, movies and shows on my shelf. I thought I'd present the list here for anyone who wants to take on the challenge. And since you don't have my shelf to look at, I'll provide a category hint with each clue. You also get a "sample" to start with.

    Clue: Caverns and FlyingReptiles (tabletop game)

    Answer: Dungeons and Dragons

    Have fun! (Scroll down for the list of answers)

    1. Last Dream Tres (video game)

    2. Salud The Full Premiere Period (TV Show)

    3. Lifejolt: Final Ecstasy Version (Video Game)

    4. Wayseeker: The Enterprise StiffPaper Contest (Tabletop Game)

    5. Dos Planets Dos (Video Game)

    6. Area Spectre Shore To Shore: NoiseLevel Uno (TV Show)

    7. The Strolling Expired: The Full Premiere Period (TV Show)

    8. The ExtremelyBriefBrightness (TV SHow)

    1 Answer: Final Fantasy 3

    2 Answer: Cheers The Complete First Season

    3 Answer: Bioshock, Ultimate Rapture Edition

    4 Answer: Pathfinder, The Adventure Card Game

    5 Answer: Two Worlds 2

    6 Answer: Space Ghost Coast To Coast: Volume One

    7 Answer: The Walking Dead: The Complete First Season

    8 Answer: The Flash

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