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    Hero Quest Is Finally Working With My Boys!


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    Hero Quest Is Finally Working With My Boys! Empty Hero Quest Is Finally Working With My Boys!

    Post  Paeter on September 18th 2018, 9:42 am

    Hero Quest has never quite been the right fit as an activity for me and my boys to do together. I could play Zargon (the game master) blindfolded and our oldest (11) prefers the role-playing of D&D over the mere tactics of a board game. And our youngest (7, soon eight) prefers Hero Quest over D&D. Both games have had issues for me, with D&D taking more prep than I want and HQ being boring because I know it so well and find it too easy.


    Over the weekend I offered the role of Zargon to Asher (oldest) and he lit up! He said "I've been waiting my whole life for this" and dove headfirst into the job. I should have seen this earlier. This is a kid who recently created and ran the main game at his birthday party rather than play it himself. And for me, teaming up with our youngest was perfect! He already loves the game and, controlling the Barbarian and Dwarf, makes less than optimal moves that I have to compensate for on my turns as the Elf and Wizard, which provides me some added challenge. PLUS, I NEVER get to be the heroes! Normally that's fine. I often prefer to be the game master. But this was the change of pace I needed to make things fresh and new for me again. I LOVE not knowing what's around the next corner!

    I don't ever want to feel entitled to this being the case, but I'm SO grateful that we've found something (for however long it lasts) that I love doing with my boys just as much as they love doing  with me. I've been glowing since we played on Sunday and can't wait for another weekend!

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