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    Spring Break (My Mind & Patience With A Hammer)


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    Spring Break (My Mind & Patience With A Hammer) Empty Spring Break (My Mind & Patience With A Hammer)

    Post  Paeter on March 11th 2019, 9:28 am

    We'll see. Maybe it will all be fine. Probably depends on my expectations.

    But Spring Break begins today for my boys who will be home with us all week while we try to work. As the one with the more flexible schedule, I'll be impacted more than Holly. But she's taking the day off today, so I'm hoping to get in something like a regular work day before the schedule gets off the rest of the week.

    There are some nice trade-offs. No school means no getting up right away to get the boys up and dropped off at school. And sleep will be handy. We had a special night of the boys and I sleeping in a bed together (Holly remained sane and slept in the guest room), which they love but always results in little sleep for me. (Little legs are cute and cuddly, but they also MOVE AROUND ALL NIGHT!!!)

    Anyway, enough stalling. Time to go jogging and then get this crazy plate-spinning machine running for another week.

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    Spring Break (My Mind & Patience With A Hammer) Empty Re: Spring Break (My Mind & Patience With A Hammer)

    Post  AGoodReed on March 11th 2019, 7:00 pm

    March seems early for spring break. I guess I'm way out of sync with the modern school semester schedule in the U.S. Pretty sure they don't get spring break in China, just a couple holidays here and there (that have to be made up on a Saturday or Sunday).

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