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    When high profile Christians sin


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    When high profile Christians sin Empty When high profile Christians sin

    Post  AdamCollings on March 12th 2019, 8:46 pm

    So, it's been big news around here lately. Cardinal George Pell, the highest ranked Catholic in Australia has been convicted of sexually assaulting children back in the 90s. Today he was sentenced.

    I find myself with a heavy heart. Firstly for the victims of these kinds of crimes, whose lives are destroyed by people they trusted. I can't help but wonder what an experience like this does to the faith of those people.

    Secondly, because of the stain it puts on the name of Jesus and his church. When Christians are seen committing terrible acts like this, it greatly damages our ability to speak on moral and social issues, and even more importantly, to speak the gospel message itself.

    I know we can't expect perfection from any group of fallen humans, even when all of those humans have a relationship with Jesus, but, I dunno. We've got to do better than this.

    I suppose I'm feeling the need to pray for the church, for our leaders in general across the world, and also for my own local leaders specifically. I know my pastor takes the protection of his heart and character very seriously, but I don't think this is a burden he should have to carry alone.

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    When high profile Christians sin Empty Re: When high profile Christians sin

    Post  Paeter on March 13th 2019, 10:27 am

    AdamCollings wrote: because of the stain it puts on the name of Jesus and his church.

    There is real cause to mourn this mess and pray for people's hearts as they view all of this happening. But I'd suggest we don't need to be discouraged regarding the name of Jesus himself. The church, yes. Christians, yes. But we can and should still invite people to investigate the man Jesus, himself, and see what they think of him. Stuff like this can be used as an excuse by those who wouldn't want to investigate truth no matter what. But those genuinely open to exploring truth will still find an untarnished Jesus. There is hope!

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