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    Post  Paeter July 19th 2013, 8:45 pm

    Welcome to the Collaboration forums of Christian Geek Central!

    Creative collaboration over the internet is becoming easier all the time, and the tools used for being creative are becoming increasingly powerful and intuitive. Whether it's your dream career or just a hobby, bringing your imagination to life and sharing it with others is becoming easier than ever.

    These forums are here to help you connect and coordinate with other creative types. You can ask for feedback on something you're developing by yourself, or seek partners to help you bring an idea to fruition. Whether you're writing, programming, composing, designing or anything else creative, our hope is that you'll find these forums to be a useful and enjoyable part of your process.

    Using these forums as part of your creative process in no way ties your work to Christian Geek Central or Spirit Blade Productions. (Though if you feel like giving Christian Geek Central a shout-out somewhere in the finished product, we'd be grateful!) Your work also need not be explicitly "Christian" in its content. Though it's our hope that anything you use these forums to help create would aim to honor Christ, either directly or indirectly.

    The Brain Storm Shelter forum is just what it sounds like. A place to share and troubleshoot ideas.

    The Project Coordination forum is where to go when you've already got an idea or something in development and you want some help or feedback. You can recruit team members, ask for testers or proofreaders, or coordinate your efforts with others you're working with.

    You're also invited to keep your conversations going here once you've found people to work with (rather than switching over to e-mail). Sure, it's less private. But it keeps everyone informed and interested in how your project is going. Like a living, "making of" documentary!

    So have fun creating! We'll all look forward to seeing the finished product!

    -Seek The Truth!

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