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    Fallout 76 Makes ANOTHER Upsetting Move


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    Fallout 76 Makes ANOTHER Upsetting Move Empty Fallout 76 Makes ANOTHER Upsetting Move

    Post  Paeter on October 24th 2019, 9:55 am

    I used a promotion months ago that, long story short, allowed me to get a free physical copy of Fallout 76 for PS4. It's been collecting dust on my shelf because I discovered, upon its arrival, that it requires PS+ (monthly subscription service) to play in any form. It's marked on the packaging and I should have seen that. My ignorance is not Bethesda's fault. The choice to publish a game that way is, however. (MANY MMOs on PS4 allow for solo play online without PS+.)

    I've been hanging on to it, thinking that with all its struggles (optically, anyway, its sales were great) it would remove this requirement. But now Bethesda has announced that a key feature promised since before launch, one I've been waiting for in hopes I can play the game offline, will be available only as part of an ADDITIONAL subscription service, $12.99 a month!

    Features of subscription are:
    Private worlds for yourself and up to seven friends.
    A Scrapbox with unlimited storage for crafting materials.
    A Survival Tent that acts as a placeable fast travel point.
    1,650 Atoms a month for the game's shop.
    An exclusive Ranger Armor outfit.
    Unique icons and emotes.

    Apart from the arguably pay to win currency dump, all these other kinds of things can be found for free in other MMOs, including, I would wager, those whose games do not require an up front purchase.

    I've not had realistic hopes of enjoying this game for a long time now, but this is still surprising. Maybe they figure they don't have much chance of growing their existing audience and so need to milk their existing passionate fans. I have no idea. This game has brought them ill will since it launched a year ago. I am baffled that they would still be making this kind of move right now, as it only compounds the problems for the reputation they need to rebuild.

    This makes me less excited, and even a little cautious, about the next open world RPG they publish.

    Here's the story at IGN:

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