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    The Escapist Indie Game Showcase


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    The Escapist Indie Game Showcase Empty The Escapist Indie Game Showcase

    Post  Paeter on June 11th 2020, 2:16 pm

    Oh my gosh... wow that's a lot of games. I'm wondering how any other outlets will have any exclusive indie game reveals for their events! I think they must all be here!

    I just barely found out about this event before it started. So glad I caught it! Felt twice as long as I wanted, but that's only because I'm pressed for time with Sony doing their thing in just 45 minutes.

    Anyway, if you want something to put on while you're playing games or doing other boring tasks, this puts a spotlight on a ton of interesting-looking games coming to a variety of platforms. My bet is there is something here for most gamers.

    Enjoy! I'll be posting my reactions hopefully later today after posting my thoughts on Sony's event.

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