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    10 Year Anniversary Of These Forums!


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    10 Year Anniversary Of These Forums! Empty 10 Year Anniversary Of These Forums!

    Post  Paeter July 2nd 2020, 7:13 pm

    If I have done my math and record-keeping correctly, today marks the 10-year anniversary of these forums. I just wanted to say thank you to all of you who have introduced yourself and/or joined in a conversation here at any time.

    It took some convincing for me to start them up. (Thank you to Brandon Butler for staying on me about them!) And the popularity of forums in general (compared to other forms of social interaction online) has faded some over the years. But these forums have been home to some of the richest, most meaningful and most enjoyable interactions I've had with this community throughout the entire length of its existence. Thank you all for helping me to create a welcoming atmosphere where hobbies can be shared and questions can be asked without fear of judgment or bickering.

    The CGC community stretches well beyond these forums, but I often see them as the heart. Thank you all for being a part of that.

    -Seek The Truth!

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