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    PS5 Or Xbox Series X? (How Will YOU Decide?)


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    PS5 Or Xbox Series X? (How Will YOU Decide?) Empty PS5 Or Xbox Series X? (How Will YOU Decide?)

    Post  Paeter on August 17th 2020, 4:44 pm

    Neither of the big two have revealed the price for their new console yet, which I'm sure will be a significant factor for many, myself included. But assuming you plan to get one of these consoles eventually (not necessarily at launch), or you plan to get one of them FIRST (if you plan to get both), what factors are currently influencing your decision, and what currently unknown elements will likely influence your decision? Have you already decided? If not, what key information could make the difference for you.

    I'm leaning toward PS5, but not near as strongly as I thought I would. Personally, I'm putting together a document comparing the features of their current consoles (since they will likely carry over to the new ones) as well as the features announced for their upcoming console, to best compare the two in the ways that are relevant to my personal interests.

    Pertinent data fields I plan to fill out before evaluating include:

    PS4 Exclusives I Enjoyed
    Xbox One Exclusives I'm bummed I Missed

    PS5 Exclusives Announced/Expected
    Series X Exclusives Announced/Expected

    Series X Gamepass Games (Current & Announced) & Monthly/Annual Price
    Series X Model Prices
    PS5 Model Prices

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