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    My New Blog Project Empty My New Blog Project

    Post  Reed Benson on May 28th 2018, 9:02 pm

    In case anyone might be interested, I've got a direction for my blog that I'm working on now. It's not necessarily geek-related, but it was inspired by a geek (John Wilkerson) and his podcast (10 the Podcast). Every ten days (or so), I intend to post 1000 words about a topic. I've already done two, and so far, they're both about China...

    1. Seeing Avengers in China (no spoilers, more about the theater experience):

    2. Different Types of Schools in China:

    I made sure to get John's permission before starting this little project. My next post is scheduled for June 3rd. Feel free to share any suggestions for topics, either for this post or later ones!

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