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    Deep Space Nine Spoiler Discussion Empty Deep Space Nine Spoiler Discussion

    Post  AdamCollings on October 21st 2018, 8:50 pm

    Spoilers for Deep Space Nine (Specifically, Sacrifice of Angels, The Reckoning, and What You Leave Behind)
    I've been enjoying re-living "Deep Space Nine The Movie" with you guys on DS9 Shawarma. I even went back and re-watched the first few episodes in preparation, (but then life got busy).

    You guys said something very interesting in the Sacrifice of Angels episode, about Sisko's penance. You said that the penance was Jake being possessed by the by the Pah Wraith in The Reckoning.
    I always assumed that Sisko's penance was being taken out of the coporeal world to live in the wormhole, and therefore, not being able to raise his second child, or live with his new wife.

    But now you've got me thinking.

    I've seen these episodes many times, but can't think of anything that explicitly states it either way, so I'm looking forward to the Shawarma for The Reckoning.

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